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Project documentation

WP2 - Framework Design

D2.1 Platform Requirements (v2.0)

D2.2 Platform: Definition & Design (v2.0)

D2.3 Platform Architecture Definition

D2.5 Installation/configuration guides and User Manual

D2.7 Integrated and Validated platform

WP3 - Platform heterogenity & Middleware

D3.1 Middleware Requirements and Common Abstractions (v2.0)

D3.2 Programming Model & Middleware Design (v2.0)

D3.3 Middleware: Core Services

D3.4 Middleware: Domain-Specific Services

WP4 - Development Tool

D4.1 Development Tool Design (v2.0)

D4.4 Development Tool Prototype

D4.5 Development Tool:Test Report

WP5 - Planning Tool

D5.1 Planning Tool Design (v2.0)

D5.4 Planning Tool Prototype

D5.5 Planning: Test Report

WP6 - Commissioning & Maintenance Tool

D6.1 Commissioning & Maintenance Tool Design (v2.0)

D6.4 Commissioning & Maintenance Tool Prototype

D6.5 Commissioning & Maintenance Tool: Test Report

WP7 - Demostrators

D7.1 Demonstrator Requirements & Validation Plan (v2.0)

D7.3 Fully Implemented Demonstrators: Parking Demonstrator

D7.4 Fully Implemented Demonstrators: Environmental quality demonstrators

D7.5 Complete Demonstrator evaluation

WP8 - Dissemination & Standarization

D8.1.PR1: Press Release no 1

D8.7.1: WSN-DCPM Leaflet (ARTEMIS and ITEA Co-summit 2011)

D8.7.2: WSN-DCPM Poster (ARTEMIS and ITEA Co-summit 2011)

D8.12: Publications & Communications Events


WSN_DPCM Newsletter 1

WSN_DPCM Newsletter 2

Flyer & Poster




Parking Demonstrator (Madrid, Spain)

Air Quality Demonstrator (Pisa, Italy)

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