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Project documentation

WP2 - Framework Design

D2.1 Platform Requirements (v2.0)

D2.2 Platform: Definition & Design (v2.0)

D2.3 Platform Architecture Definition

D2.5 Installation/configuration guides and User Manual

D2.7 Integrated and Validated platform

WP3 - Platform heterogenity & Middleware

D3.1 Middleware Requirements and Common Abstractions (v2.0)

D3.2 Programming Model & Middleware Design (v2.0)

D3.3 Middleware: Core Services

D3.4 Middleware: Domain-Specific Services

WP4 - Development Tool

D4.1 Development Tool Design (v2.0)

D4.4 Development Tool Prototype

D4.5 Development Tool:Test Report

WP5 - Planning Tool

D5.1 Planning Tool Design (v2.0)

D5.4 Planning Tool Prototype

D5.5 Planning: Test Report

WP6 - Commissioning & Maintenance Tool

D6.1 Commissioning & Maintenance Tool Design (v2.0)

D6.4 Commissioning & Maintenance Tool Prototype

D6.5 Commissioning & Maintenance Tool: Test Report

WP7 - Demostrators

D7.1 Demonstrator Requirements & Validation Plan (v2.0)

D7.3 Fully Implemented Demonstrators: Parking Demonstrator

D7.4 Fully Implemented Demonstrators: Environmental quality demonstrators

D7.5 Complete Demonstrator evaluation

WP8 - Dissemination & Standarization

D8.1.PR1: Press Release no 1

D8.7.1: WSN-DCPM Leaflet (ARTEMIS and ITEA Co-summit 2011)

D8.7.2: WSN-DCPM Poster (ARTEMIS and ITEA Co-summit 2011)

D8.12: Publications & Communications Events


WSN_DPCM Newsletter 1

WSN_DPCM Newsletter 2

Flyer & Poster




Parking Demonstrator (Madrid, Spain)

Air Quality Demonstrator (Pisa, Italy)

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Project Facts

Project duration: 45 months
Start date: October 2011
End date: June 2015
Total Cost: 3,3M€
National Authorities: 1.6 M€
JU Contribution: 0,6 M€
Consortium: 8 partners

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The IoT, wireless sensors that monitor parking spaces

The WSN-DPCM project had its final review on 2nd-3rd July 2015. Hosted by the UPM-CEI in Madrid we counted on Italian, Greek and Spanish representatives presence as well as with a reviewing panel comprised of experts:

  • Georgi Kuzmanov (ECSEL JU Project Officer),
  • Koen Langendoen (TU Delft)
  • Valerie Issarni (Inria).

Last but not least, representatives of the Spanish company Valoriza attended the demonstrations carried out on the occassion of the presentation of the most recent prototypes developed by the Project Consortium using the WSN-DPCM Toolset Framework.

Here you can find a recently published press notice about our Smart Parking Prototype.

A remote demonstration of our Air Quality Monitoring Prototype, deployed in a suburban area in Pisa (Italy) also took place and showed the cross-domain applicability of the DPCM Toolset.

Overall, demonstrations were very appreciated by visitors and reviewers, leading to a positive evaluation of the possibilities offered by the DPCM platform when committed to the design, planning and maintenance of WSN networks with concrete application on the IoT field.

Artemis JU CoSummit - Berlin 2015

Our stand at the Berlin Congress Center (BCC) received tens of visitors interested in the DPCM WSN toolset platform.

Accessible from a web interface, a live demo of a set of our tools showed people some of the current capabilities of the platform. A common feeling shared with those who visited us is that the DPCM toolset is able to make your live easier as a WSN designer.

Important feedback was received through talks and interaction with other participants and exhibition's attendees. Projects like DEWI and SITAC, representatives from academia and private companies like Polar showed interest in our achievements and future developments and extensions over the platform.

Last but not least, the WSN-DPCM Project was awarded with the Artemis JU Recognition Certificate during the closing session. Daniel Rodriguez (MTP) received the commemorative plaque from Mr. Alun Foster, Head of Dissemination ECSEL Joint Undertaking.

We thank the organization for the great event we enjoyed in Berlin

Check Artemis-IA News website.

- The WSN-DCPM Consortium -


WSN-DPCM is made possible by funding from the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) and Italian, Greek and Spanish NFAs (National Funding Authorities) - April 2015 -